Monday, January 02, 2012

Well, here's another way to look back at my year. I finished going through my 2011 blog and decided to highlight some of my best posts/memories.

I saw Little Chickies get married and got snowed into Columbia! And quit my job for a new one. I thought & talked a lot about change and what's important. All while discovering one of my new favorite bands and making chicken soup.

I spent time being healthy and cooking. I thought about future plans and tried to focus on being a leader. I had a couple of reality checks and a really hard day at work - perspective is a crazy thing. I tried really hard to be positive and learn from others.

This month was full of beer & baking. I also got my very first mac and discovered Parks & Recreation! I fixed my car with tie dyed duct tape when I backed into a wall. I tried to remember to live in the present and be full of sunshine.

I guess April showers bring May flowers? I was a little down and out for most of this month. Then I read some good words and made my way to NYC for a bit - what a magical place.

I revisited the idea of being present and balancing it with what's next. And sort of decided that life is complete with caffeine and Apple products, yes? Or maybe waffles, work & friends? But then my brother got married and I remembered that the greatest of all of these is love - so happy for their life together!

I turned out to be a crazy person this month. And I seriously doubted my decision making abilities.  But I painted my nails minty green and had lots of good & productive days the rest of the month!

I definitely didn't finish any of these books. But I did a lot of living - like going to the beach, kayaking, seeing David Gray and drinking lots of iced coffee! I watched an amazing movie - HappyThankYouMorePlease - that I highly recommend. The Espinosas got chickens! It was all just really good. Maybe July was my best month.

I turned another year older! And I took a lot of photos for The August Break. You'll also notice from those photos that I moved and saw Jack's Mannequin and discovered nail stickers! We also experienced some crazy forces of nature!

I remembered September 11 - after 10 years, it's still an experience that's fresh in my mind. I also spent a lot of time in the kitchen and listening to Spotify - love! I began my Top 5 Friday posts which are both fun and stressful for me at times. And I took myself on a date to see 50/50 - it had been too long.

Rachel came to visit and we loved my city together. Steve Jobs & Chef Pernell both passed away - two dynamic influences upon my life. I kept on with Top 5 Friday. And I spent wonderful & precious time with some of my very best friends whose constant presence I miss. But then I remember what amazing friends I have right here! How did I get so lucky?

I RAN A HALF MARATHON! Shut up, I know. I'm surprised I'm still alive. Other than that, I read a lot of blogs and shared a lot of posts with you all. The best was probably Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. I kept myself exhausted with new people coming and going.  Then I gave thanks, survived Black Friday and got in the holiday spirit!

This past month was a test, I think. I'm still not sure if I passed or not. A lot of my blog posts were Top 5 Lists because I didn't have it in me to post original thoughts. I tried to decide what sort of person I am. And not let myself get down even when I felt that way. I also drank and baked a lot. But overall, the month was very productive and I certainly learned quite a bit.

My roommate asked me if I had learned anything in hindsight by doing this? Yes, yes I have. I am an incredibly positive person who sometimes has a tendency to over-analyze or worry. Oy. I love my friends and my family more than anything and I depend on them for a lot even though I don't like to admit it. I like to see life through other people's eyes, but sometimes get too involved in my own. Also, I have a caffeine problem that I will probably never fix. And I really need an iPhone.

I am also reminded that we have nothing if not belief & hope - in ourselves, in each other, and in a Higher Power. So there's that - and thank goodness.

(Photo Credits :: Pink of Perfection)

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