Friday, September 14, 2012

It's been awhile since I read something that truly inspired me. Weird because I read a lot. Magazines. Books. Blogs. They've all taken me so far and then dropped me off on the corner. The book I just read truly inspired me though. All the way.

Blogger Alyssa Shelasky (Apron Anxiety) is living the life I've only dreamt of - foodie writer in the city that never sleeps. In all honesty, it's not the life I see myself living, but it's one that I can fall deeply into and I can somewhat replicate while still living my own version of life. After finishing this book, my iPhone now holds a laundry list of ingredients to buy and photos of recipes I snapped straight out of it's pages. And first things first - when I get home, I'm baking muffins. Whole Wheat Flour. Butter. Blueberries. Raspberries. Muffins that would get me out of the worst of trouble - like a wrecked car. Maybe muffins will be how I make all of my future friends. Perhaps I'll never open my own bakery or become a professional blogger, but I will make sure that my friends and family are well fed and that my words are not lost on deaf ears, but ferociously typed onto the interwebs for memorializing.

So, now what? I need an Action Plan! Some SMART GOALS. Dear Readers, where do I begin? Where do I go from here? What are some of your favorite recipes? What are some of your favorite foodie books or blogs?

Share with me and I'll report back over glasses of wine and flour covered counters. Deal?

Friday, September 07, 2012

This morning, I'm lying in bed, drinking a smoothie and thinking about being productive.

I moved about a month ago and I'm still not unpacked. I'm not settled in. I'm rarely home. I live around boxes. I haven't really blogged. I haven't really baked. I have a running to-do list that I ignore. I haven't even put away my laundry.

Little Suzy Homemaker is going through a rebellious stage, I guess.

I did start reading blogs again - they're starting to inspire me! I did start organizing my finances - I'm trying to learn to be frugal where needs should be frugal! I did get back into my book Apron Anxiety - it's sort of what I'm going through now and she's about to start her upswing!

Hopefully, it's a sign.

It's definitely a sign. Fo' sho.

Until then - I'm going share some of my fave links from the week.

1. Blogging is something I truly enjoy doing. But can it be taken seriously? How do I do that? How does one become a Creative Professional? Elise gives us some insight on turning what you love into what you do.

2. Summer is coming to a close soon. I know because Starbucks is serving pumpkin. But don't let it go without reflecting first. What was so awesome about Summer 2012? Tracy shares her summer wins with a picture journey!

3. How to Properly Wash Your Brushes. Let's be honest, this is just really important!

4. Dude, Where's my Podcast? Joy & Tracy are back in action this week! There's a NEW! Joy the Baker podcast up over at Home Fries!

5. I have to bake for work on Sunday. What better than this lovely little recipe I stumbled upon? Apple Toffee Blondies - yes, please!

Now I need to go put away some laundry or dishes and water my plants! Yes, I have plants now. 4 outdoor plants. 2 indoor plants. And I'm in the market for a terrarium if anyone is interested.

Special shout out to Katie Gandy for her crafty skills this week - I got a new plant hanger AND a neon pink hula hoop. Both handmade. She's so cool.

That's all I've got for now...

Tell me what INSPIRES you out of a slump!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sometimes, days just don't go the way you planned.

Then what?

You lay in bed and search for trips online. Clearly.

I've recently discovered Living Social and Kayak.
I'm obsessed.

Yes, I want to go on a Yoga + Wine Tasting Adventure! Who doesn't? And it's in another state? Ok! That sounds way fancier than warm flow + a bottle of two buck chuck. (No offense, TJ's. You know I love you.)

Maybe I'll go to the Grand Canyon. Or Seattle. I could always visit friends in New York or Boston.

I am beginning a few projects. In my head.

One is painting a fridge.

One is hanging up wall decoration in my house.

One involves baking.

One involves work and learning to develop myself.

What new projects are YOU working on? Or what trips are YOU planning?