Friday, September 07, 2012

This morning, I'm lying in bed, drinking a smoothie and thinking about being productive.

I moved about a month ago and I'm still not unpacked. I'm not settled in. I'm rarely home. I live around boxes. I haven't really blogged. I haven't really baked. I have a running to-do list that I ignore. I haven't even put away my laundry.

Little Suzy Homemaker is going through a rebellious stage, I guess.

I did start reading blogs again - they're starting to inspire me! I did start organizing my finances - I'm trying to learn to be frugal where needs should be frugal! I did get back into my book Apron Anxiety - it's sort of what I'm going through now and she's about to start her upswing!

Hopefully, it's a sign.

It's definitely a sign. Fo' sho.

Until then - I'm going share some of my fave links from the week.

1. Blogging is something I truly enjoy doing. But can it be taken seriously? How do I do that? How does one become a Creative Professional? Elise gives us some insight on turning what you love into what you do.

2. Summer is coming to a close soon. I know because Starbucks is serving pumpkin. But don't let it go without reflecting first. What was so awesome about Summer 2012? Tracy shares her summer wins with a picture journey!

3. How to Properly Wash Your Brushes. Let's be honest, this is just really important!

4. Dude, Where's my Podcast? Joy & Tracy are back in action this week! There's a NEW! Joy the Baker podcast up over at Home Fries!

5. I have to bake for work on Sunday. What better than this lovely little recipe I stumbled upon? Apple Toffee Blondies - yes, please!

Now I need to go put away some laundry or dishes and water my plants! Yes, I have plants now. 4 outdoor plants. 2 indoor plants. And I'm in the market for a terrarium if anyone is interested.

Special shout out to Katie Gandy for her crafty skills this week - I got a new plant hanger AND a neon pink hula hoop. Both handmade. She's so cool.

That's all I've got for now...

Tell me what INSPIRES you out of a slump!

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