Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sometimes, days just don't go the way you planned.

Then what?

You lay in bed and search for trips online. Clearly.

I've recently discovered Living Social and Kayak.
I'm obsessed.

Yes, I want to go on a Yoga + Wine Tasting Adventure! Who doesn't? And it's in another state? Ok! That sounds way fancier than warm flow + a bottle of two buck chuck. (No offense, TJ's. You know I love you.)

Maybe I'll go to the Grand Canyon. Or Seattle. I could always visit friends in New York or Boston.

I am beginning a few projects. In my head.

One is painting a fridge.

One is hanging up wall decoration in my house.

One involves baking.

One involves work and learning to develop myself.

What new projects are YOU working on? Or what trips are YOU planning?


craigarcher said...

My project is to get you to come to AZ and visit the Grand Canyon. If you come out here you can stay here drive to the Grand Canyon and visit the sights in between. Good Luck

Charles Robinson said...

I'm repainting the kitchen, pantry and hall. I'm also repainting all the doors and trim in the house. Part of this is in preparation for our move to Mexico, part of it is so I can start doing cooking videos to post.

We're going to visit my friends Emily and Chad in Tennessee in about a week, then in October we're going on a wine immersion cruise. We'll probably start planning our annual ski trip soon.