Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is a festive photo I borrowed from rockstar diaries
one of the cutest blogs/babies/families on the interwebs. Um hi, look at that little girl's face! Read those funny little posts from Kingsley dog! Listen to the love of a new momma! See the dedication of a darling daddy! [Trust me, I'm not usually into "baby blogs" - this is not one of those!]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh hi.

I have two days off in a row. Nice.

I have a laundry list of things to do - incl. laundry. Heh. I hate laundry. When I meet a man who doesn't mind doing laundry (and does it well) then I'll know I'm good. I digress.

List of things to do... including DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! Oh yes. I am doing it. I'm all about it. I'm going to drink eggnog and bake cookies too WHILE watching all of the Chrismakkuh episodes from The OC. Plus, I'll probably listen to DMB's Christmas Song over and over and over. and over. I'm stupid excited.

Do you ladies & gentlemen have any decorating traditions/ideas? What cookies should I bake? And do you prefer your nog with bourbon or espresso?

And three words : Dirty Chai Nog.

I'm over the moon about this. Really. These two days are gonna be magic.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. My holiday was full of deep fried turkey, pie, poker, mimosas and family. I am so very blessed. What was your favorite part of the day? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

And now, while American consumers are out jonesin' for a sale, I will be... well, assisting them. Normally I dread this day with my whole heart, but right now I'm really looking forward to it. I want to see what it's like outside of a mall. I want to know what it looks like as controlled chaos. Then I want to go to the gym, paint my toes and maybe go for drinks with the "kids" in the family. TGIF? Sure. I'll bite.

And now for Top 5(ish) [Black] Friday!

1. I like traditions. They're especially good when they involve The Happiness Project. I still haven't finished reading it. Maybe January will be my month.

2. My cousin and his wife, Brittany, are pretty adorable. He did a good job picking her. She writes this cute little blog about their cute little family. I dig it.

3. Because Thanksgiving is the best holiday. The end.

4. So, I made pie for Thanksgiving. I don't know if I've ever made a pie other than pumpkin or chocolate walnut (at McCutchen House). And then boom! I made this Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie with a gingersnap crust. From scratch. True story.

5. Lovely Olivia is back in Charleston and taking names! Of really awesome places to visit & dine. I think it's time for a Butcher & Bee adventure. 

6. I'm sorry - is this even possible? A pretty fridge... What a concept. I'll work on that.

7. First, I like the name of this blog - lyrics from The Weepies! Second, she's right - you should be watching this show. It's hilarious and on Hulu. So, Happy Hanksgiving - enjoy!

There it is. I hope you enjoyed what I enjoyed on the interwebs over the past seven days. I'm thankful for all of you reading - whether I know you or not - and I hope you're eating leftovers and sitting in your pajamas. That's what I would be doing.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You know what's hard about life?


Oh yeah. That's right. And don't try to tell me I'm wrong. I'm "nearly thirty" (according to a co-worker) and I've been around long enough to know.

But just because life is hard doesn't mean you can't enjoy it or fix it with a giant cup of coffee or freshly cut flowers. (That's how I fix things... Or with cookies. Cookies are always a big winner.)

Do you want to know why life is hard right now?

I'm exhausted. That's lame, right? My body is achey from flip flops and lack of sleep and I've gone out more in the last weekend than I have in the last month. Why?

I made new friends who are leaving. That's really why life is hard. Because sometimes you meet really fantastic people at really inopportune times, ie. right before they move to Germany for three years. Wo its der Apfelstrudel? (That's all the German I know.)

But then I realize (because I'm a glass half full sort of gal) that it's really fun to make new friends and hang out with old friends and watch Twilight and listen to music and eat fig burgers and play Jenga and dominoes. Probably more fun than sleeping. And it's better to know awesome people who have to leave you than to have never known them at all. (It's like that whole loving and losing thing.)

So, here's to all of my new friends... I'm going to have a giant cup of coffee now.

Monday, November 21, 2011

This little mosaic to the left is the background on my computer. I like it. A lot. It's from Curious Girl who used always do Mosaic Monday, but she stopped some time ago for some reason...

Which brings me to my next point... I skipped Top 5 Friday.

Whack. I know. (Yeah, that's right I said whack. Maybe I'll bring that saying back.)

I had a really busy weekend. I mean, I've been on a four day "vacation" and I have been going a mile a minute, yo. Of course, I've enjoyed it all and I'm super stoked for Thanksgiving and about moving into the Holiday Season at work and my new position.

AND I'm going to see the new Twilight movie tonight with my roomie. Nerd Alert. I'm not ashamed. I'll even go ahead and let you know that I'm on Team Edward. Don't hate.

But, yeah, I had two links I was going to share from last week, so I will share them now because I wouldn't want them to get left behind.

1. Fab Brunette is a new discovery for me. (Like I needed one more blog to read...) But her post about Happy Discoveries made me... well, happy! And I like that in life. Glass half full, friends.

2. And here we have another excerpt from the book I'm supposed to be reading, Searching for God Knows What. I love Donald Miller. I love how honest he is about life and spirituality. Plus, any post about patience and trust is always good to read.

Tell me about your weekend. Was it awesome? Did you make a new friend? Did you drink some good coffee? Did you eat something delicious? Most importantly, did you get to sleep in? Really. I want to know.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh hey! TGIF. Am I right?

Yeah. I am. But only because I have the day off tomorrow! Hip hip hooray!

I am going to seriously sleep in. No alarm clock. I've been exhausted all week [life is keeping me on my toes], so I'm using this as my last attempt to get all the sleep I need.

Then I'll put gas in my car, go to the Farmer's Market, have some Starbucks, clean my room, run some errands, read some of my Steve book, watch some Felicity, paint my nails. It's gonna be good. Good.

Do you have any big weekend plans?

Anyway, enough about Saturday - it's TOP 5 FRIDAY! Here are some of my favorites from the past week:

1. Sometimes my life to-do list is outrageous. Why do we all put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect in everything that we do? And then why do we give ourselves so much to do perfectly? This is an excellent post about Narrowing Priorities. Let's keep it simple.

2. I just discovered Today's Letters yesterday. (That sounds confusing.) It's my new favorite blog. And I loved them more when they posted about a bird flash mob. Ok, that's not really what it was, but watch it. It's pretty fantastic.

3. This is a really excellent post about Unconditional vs. Conditional Love. I mean, when was the last time you stopped and thought about that? I don't think we think about love enough. Why? Because "love is the difficult realization that something other than oneself is real." [Note: I like this whole blog a lot - this is the post that first caught my attention.]

4. I'm already drinking my double tall nonfat eggnog lattes. What's that mean? CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE. That means time for crazy & holiday to-do lists. And I'm not just talking gift buying and travel plans... I'm talking wearing scarves, holiday movie watching, nog drinking, decorating. Let's get on top of it, peeps.

5. This chick quit sugar. QUIT SUGAR. I thought about it for five seconds. I'm not that strong.

Hey, look! I kept it at five! Crazy.

So, tell me what you think. And listen to this version of Tupelo Honey. And find me on Pinterest & pin with me!
I'm relocatable.

I mean, I love it here, but I would move.


(Someone asked me that yesterday...)

New Orleans

(Southern) California

(Southern) Virginia

That's what I said.

It's weird when someone actually asks you a usually theoretical question.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Who I'm listening to right now on Spotify:

The Civil Wars
Band of Horses
Florence & The Machine
Angus & Julia Stone
Bon Iver
Alexi Murdoch
Mumford & Sons
Fleet Foxes
Horse Feathers

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Welcome to the most delayed Top 5 Friday post. It's short, but sweet and mostly music.

Hey hey. My my. Rock and roll can never die.

1. One of the most interesting finds this week for me was The Goat Rodeo Sessions. Give it a listen if you like Bach or Bluegrass.

2. Coldplay recently performed at Apple's company wide celebration of Steve Jobs' life. It was quite moving. Then their new cd came out. And now I'm addicted to this song.

3. While I was doing some training at work this week, I discovered this little gem. Two awesome things in one. Yoga + DMB.

4. You keep telling me what you know, but baby, what do you believe? Have you heard Divided by Friday? Do yourself the favor and listen. Now. Right here. This song hit me at mile 9 of my half.

5. This is something I've always wanted to me good at - I'm just not. Yet. A girl can dream about Art Journaling, right?

6. I like these songs. And when people post playlists. That's all.

7. I think this ad is pretty. And appealing. And whoever came up with it is smart.

8. And the number one good reason to be sick this holiday season can be found at Shutterbean. Check it.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

I just realized I forgot Top 5 Friday! Why? Because I was busying myself with my first (perhaps only) half marathon in Savannah!

So two promises. There will be best of links from last week coming soon & a recap of what it's like to do a 1/2 marathon if you're me.

Get excited.