Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You know what's hard about life?


Oh yeah. That's right. And don't try to tell me I'm wrong. I'm "nearly thirty" (according to a co-worker) and I've been around long enough to know.

But just because life is hard doesn't mean you can't enjoy it or fix it with a giant cup of coffee or freshly cut flowers. (That's how I fix things... Or with cookies. Cookies are always a big winner.)

Do you want to know why life is hard right now?

I'm exhausted. That's lame, right? My body is achey from flip flops and lack of sleep and I've gone out more in the last weekend than I have in the last month. Why?

I made new friends who are leaving. That's really why life is hard. Because sometimes you meet really fantastic people at really inopportune times, ie. right before they move to Germany for three years. Wo its der Apfelstrudel? (That's all the German I know.)

But then I realize (because I'm a glass half full sort of gal) that it's really fun to make new friends and hang out with old friends and watch Twilight and listen to music and eat fig burgers and play Jenga and dominoes. Probably more fun than sleeping. And it's better to know awesome people who have to leave you than to have never known them at all. (It's like that whole loving and losing thing.)

So, here's to all of my new friends... I'm going to have a giant cup of coffee now.

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