Sunday, November 06, 2011

Welcome to the most delayed Top 5 Friday post. It's short, but sweet and mostly music.

Hey hey. My my. Rock and roll can never die.

1. One of the most interesting finds this week for me was The Goat Rodeo Sessions. Give it a listen if you like Bach or Bluegrass.

2. Coldplay recently performed at Apple's company wide celebration of Steve Jobs' life. It was quite moving. Then their new cd came out. And now I'm addicted to this song.

3. While I was doing some training at work this week, I discovered this little gem. Two awesome things in one. Yoga + DMB.

4. You keep telling me what you know, but baby, what do you believe? Have you heard Divided by Friday? Do yourself the favor and listen. Now. Right here. This song hit me at mile 9 of my half.

5. This is something I've always wanted to me good at - I'm just not. Yet. A girl can dream about Art Journaling, right?

6. I like these songs. And when people post playlists. That's all.

7. I think this ad is pretty. And appealing. And whoever came up with it is smart.

8. And the number one good reason to be sick this holiday season can be found at Shutterbean. Check it.

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