Tuesday, July 05, 2011

honey lately...
i've been in the sun a lot. (even at the beach
which is strange for me because i hate the sand.)

this has been breakfast. greek yogurt with
granola, coconut flakes and fresh blueberries.

i went kayaking in some creeks.
we pulled over for snacks & swimming.

mj and i went to see david gray! he was delightful.

been making my own coffee - cold brew. takes about a lifetime,
but then i mix it with vanilla coconut milk and all is right with the world.

i slept on my couch. it's just right erin size,  but it's only because
i can't seem to commit to putting away all the clean clothes
piled on my bed. (don't judge. i'm just too tired when i get home at night!)

so lately there has been frolicking with friends & family. and baking (lemon sugar cookies). watching fireworks. drinking. music listening. and lots & lots of blog reading. my new faves are everyday musings and naturally nina. go read. now.

ps. i'm moving! did i tell you that? august sixth. tax free weekend. ah! to a bigger apt in front of a pond & a pool. with my friend majesta & her pup, roxy.

... drag a salted kiss from this cup of bliss.

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