Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dear person who created pinterest,
you're making me the world's biggest procrastinator.

dear francis coppola wines,
your mini pink champagne cans make me a lush.

dear salted chocolate chip cookies,
you're making me fat but happy. probably equally.

dear gym,
thank you for kicking my lush, fat & happy behind.

dear trader joe's,
i can't wait until friday when we meet for the first time in charleston.

dear spotify,
where is the newest arcade fire album? huh?

this is real life.

xo (to you all).


ckoro said...

It's a vicious cycle. Lol

Charles Robinson said...

I just can't get into pinterest. It's too... something. I don't get it. :-/ The sharing and subscribing thing is kinda creepy. I stopped using it when I suddenly had about a dozen people I didn't know watching what I pin.