Monday, January 02, 2012

The Twenty Eleven To-Do List

I discovered so many wonderful things in 2011. I grew all sorts of new relationships with people and tried really hard to cultivate some of the existing ones. I spent way more time with my family - we've been through a lot, but I think it's made us all a lot closer.

I would like to thank the Joy the Baker Podcast, Spotify, yoga, Sally Hansen nail stickers, Face Time/Apple products, Pinterest and Parks & Recreation all for making their way into my life.

So, at the beginning of 2011, I made a to-do list.... Now, it's time to see if I crossed everything off.


I did finish LOST! And was still confused... But I miss it.

I did change my address, but then I moved again, so I guess I need to again. Haha.

I heart my Costco Card.

I kept a handful of break up box items, but threw 99% of it away. My white whale.

I didn't purge. I have a crap-ton of boxes in my parent's attic. Sorry, mom!

I'm much better about getting up on time and now I have a Clocky - it's so annoying, but super effective!

I didn't finish any of those books! I did finish books though. Now I am reading The Hunger Games, Steve Jobs biography, and The Happiness Project - still!

I did my very own taxes in 2011!! And used them to fix Olivia and buy a plane ticket. I can't wait to do them this year. What to do?

NYC with Rachel was so much fun. I love her and that city.

My wonderful brother married his lovely wife over Labor Day Weekend. It was beautiful and full of love. I wish them all the happiness life has to offer two people.

I never joined my CSA but I did start shopping at The Vegetable Bin and Farmer's Market more! Baby steps, I suppose.

I definitely baked a lot in 2011. My triumph? Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie with a Gingersnap Crust - from scratch. Cooking though? Not as much. More than in 2010 - there were pizzas and pastas and I made chicken soup from scratch! Ok, maybe I did cook a bit.

Pork is delicious. And, I don't eat that much beef, but I did have my very first Five Guys burger!

I kept my gym membership to stay in shape. I almost got rid of it, but then I ran a half marathon and realized how much I hate running and need to go to the gym. Oy to the vey.

I was oh so happy to have health insurance! I went to the doctor! I started getting prescriptions! I even started free therapy! And this year I'm going to have my ankle examined since I hurt it during my half marathon. Yay healthcare!

I definitely set up my 401k and I'm putting in as much as I can and having it matched as much as I can. I should be ballin' when I'm old.

I would say I am definitely more in control of my finances. I owe way less now than I ever have before! And I have a budget. It's good.

I started looking into another degree. You may remember the MAPP program. Master's in Applied Positive Psychology. That's still up in the air. I'm just not really willing to move someplace cold and pay all of that money right now. But I feel like it would be such an amazing program to be involved in.

Oh, crow pose? I got that. No big deal.

I am still so very bad at expressing my feelings. I'm sorry. Really.

And my new job has been quite the journey! I have been turned down for several promotions and received one. I have beat myself up a lot, but have also learned to have infinite amounts of patience with myself and with others. I learn something new everyday and build relationships with customers and my team through every interaction. I am always challenged and never bored - and I'm pretty sure that will always be the case. I think that makes me pretty lucky.


I think I've learned a lot about myself along the way. I have my strengths, but I definitely have my opportunities to grow. I appreciate everyone who has been with me through all of it. You mean the world to me.

And I don't always blog or talk about the sad and scary things that life throws at us, but I think about those things often. So, to all the hardships we've experienced this year... and to all the people we've lost... I appreciate all that you've taught me - for shaping who I am and making me want to try a little bit harder than I did the day before.

As soon as I'm ready, I'll post my list for 2012. I'm not sure what I expect out of myself or the next 363ish days, but we'll see!

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