Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I wore my new cardigan. Hi, Cardigan! I like you.

I let myself get overwhelmed.
I don't think I'll make that mistake again.

Then I walked around and ate macaroons for lunch.
That part I would definitely do again.

For dinner, I ate at a bar.
Reuben + Duck Fat Fries + Purple Haze.

(I really love Abita beers.)

I also scored some produce from a box.
Thank you, Wellness Group!

Someone described me as "exhausted looking".
I have to find a way to combat that. More water & green smoothies?

Oh sleep.
I could do that, too.

This time last year, I was quitting my job and beginning a new one. I was also learning about Florence + The Machine and how to make chicken soup from scratch. Oh how the time flies!

Tomorrow, I need to pay bills, finish laundry, call Megan, go to yoga, paint my nails, visit the brother, read and bake cookies. At least. I also need hair product. Feel free to remind me of these things randomly throughout the day.

Listen to Origins - Tennis and We Are Young - Fun.

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