Sunday, January 08, 2012

Things to do in Twenty Twelve:

1. Be outdoors. Go kayaking! Go camping! Hi, Glacier National Park!
2. Visit my lovely Megan in San Diego! Hey Cali Cali!
3. Buy an iPhone, yo.
4. Do a cleanse - like the Blue Print Cleanse!
5. Pay off Olivia the Jetta! Holla!
6. Go through my boxes in my parents' attic. I promised.
7. Keep blogging.
8. Spend less time on the interwebs. (I'm not sure how that will work...)
9. Spend a week in June in Hattiesburg with friends.
10. Learn all 67 Lominger competencies.
11. Finish The Hunger Games series.
12. Yoga (at least) once a week.
13. Think more before I speak, but still be honest.
14. Let the important people in my life know that they're important.
15. Bake half of the recipes from the Joy the Baker Cookbook.
16. Maybe get a tattoo? Eh? (Mom & Dad, I hope you're not reading!)
17. Buy a plant & keep it alive.

There are probably more. Like SKYDIVING! I believe that may be on the roomie to-do list.

Really, overall, I just want to simplify. My life. My work. My mind. My home. And I want to BE HERE - to be present in the moments of my life. I have a tendency to overcomplicate and overcommit to plans. I don't wanna do that. I have to be able to say no and focus on the things & people who add to my life, not detract from it.

Anyone else have any goals/resolutions/things to do during this year?

Here is a good post about resolutions for 20-somethings. I think it applies to 30-somethings. Also, it applies if you have FB/any social media or if you watch Parks & Rec. Or if you're a person who is living in this era.

Also, in 2012, I will go to court for my speeding ticket. Oy to the vey. Luckily, I am participating in No Drink January so there was no chance at all of drinking & driving. Call a cab, friends.

Hey, why do I like the song It Girl? And have you heard the new Jason Mraz song? Listen up!


Spudart said...

A couple my items for 2012:
1) Visit more coffeeshops.
2) Whenever I see a bench I haven't sat in, to sit in it for at least one minute.
3) Always sit on the Giddings Park for one minute when I walk to work.
4) To not use my phone on the train during January.
5) Send more postal letters.

erin gail said...

Nice, Matt! 1 and 5 are two of my favorite things to do! Good luck :)