Thursday, January 13, 2011

well, this certainly took me longer than expected, but i did get snowed into columbia and ended up taking a five day vacay. thank goodness for being an "and guest".  anyway, without further ado, my twenty eleven to-do list:
  • I will finish LOST... within two months... go!
  • I need to get my address changed at the DMV
  • I need a Costco membership. Stat. I hate Sam's Club.
  • I will throw away my break up box from 2.5 years ago. It's time and I don't want it anymore. It's just taking up space where handbags could live. Why is this so hard?
  • I am going to purge the rest of the stuff in my various closets & my parents attic. It's a lot. This is a really big undertaking. Oy.
  • (Again) I will try to wake up when my alarm goes off. Maybe I'll try a bedtime. Hmph.
  • I want to finish The Happiness Project and In Defense of Food. Also, I'd like to read Beach Music and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. And maybe I'll actually finish Crazy Love, but I  need to start it again from the beginning.
  • I'll take my tax return and pay off my credit card, get new sway bar bushings for the front of my car and buy a plane ticket to NYC.
  • I'll take a trip to NYC (if you didn't get that from the previous bullet) to visit Rachel.
  • I'll be in my brother's wedding! Ah!
  • I would like to join a produce co-op like the Rosebank Farms CSA. Veggies, flowers, giddy goat cheese - oh my!
  • I want to cook more. For myself & with others.
  • I will throw out all of my old magazines & start fresh with this year's subscriptions. 
  • I will move onto pork & beef as I enter back into the world of meat eating.
  • I will keep my gym membership and continue to go. And try all the new classes! I am probably at one of the most physically (and mentally) healthy times in my life and I'd like to stay that way.
  • I will use my insurance. Regular doctor's visits. Prescriptions. Chiropractor. Therapist.
  • I will actually set up my 401k. It's free retirement money. Duh.
  • I will keep better track of my finances. I won't buy things unless I need them. I won't use my credit card unless its an emergency. I will spend more on doing things than on things themselves. And I will give money to my church.
  • I will look into getting my master's degree in retailing or human resources.We shall see.
  • I want to be able to do the crow pose in yoga & hold it for thirty seconds. Heh.
  • I will tell the people I care about that I care about them. Sometimes, I forget to show it & say it. Unacceptable.
  • I will start a new job! At Apple, Inc. Get excited for new work challenges!
it's nothing fancy, but it's mine and i want to do it all, please and thank you.


Corinne said...

CSAs are amazing! I miss mine every time I go to the grocery store.

Faith said...

delightfully abitious. Go ahead girl. <3

Spudart said...

How far are you in Lost? I'm on Season 4, episode 10.

erin gail said...

i'm on season six episode four. sooo good.

Amanda said...

1) I read your blog all the time, but never actually comment even though I love most of them.
2) The crow pose looks like something I used to try and teach at gymnastics...and I used to be able to do something like it. Not so much anymore.
3) Break-up boxes are VERY hard to get rid of, but you will have a huge sigh of relief when its done with.
4) LOST was great, but man was I still confused the whole time.
5) If you are fortunate to have insurance, use it as much as possible.
6) This is a question: Why/when did you start eating meat again? Just wondering.

All-in-all This is a great list. I may do something like this myself!

erin gail said...

I'm still confused about LOST. It's frustrating.

I started eating meat again in November, I think. I'm not sure. It hasn't been too long. I love chicken.

Also, Amanda who? :)