Tuesday, January 25, 2011

yesterday, i made chicken soup from scratch. all by myself. and i'm not lying.

i wish i had a larger pot bc i have a disproportionate amount of chicken & veggies to broth, but that's ok. it's a chunky soup.

and it's so easy that you can make it, too!

you just boil your chicken, celery, carrots & garlic together in a pot with water over medium heat until the chicken is cooked. then you remove the chicken and set it aside and throw out the veggies. then you start adding whatever vegetables into the pot - whichever take the longest to cook first. so, for me, that was carrots, potatoes, celery, squash, and tomatoes. i also put another clove of garlic in bc i like it. once that was ready i added in my bouillon and put the chicken (shredded) back in. then i left it sit a few minutes. voila! chunky (bc i didn't use enough water) chicken soup!


Anonymous said...

look at you... chef knapp and chef pernell would be so proud!!!


Stephen Justice said...

if you do the same thing but add in homemade dumplings after you make the stock then you have chicken and dumplings. (you do have to let it come back to a boil to get the dumplings to plump)

dumplings are just 2c flour, 1 tbs baking powder 1 tsp salt, 1cup milk. so easy.

Spudart said...

chunky soup is good