Friday, January 21, 2011

it's weird how moments that made you so happy can turn into memories that make you feel rather lonely.

i've been going through lots of my stuff and getting rid of it. if i'm moving again this year, then i don't want to have as much to move. also, i read in a magazine that it would make me happier. i don't feel happy, but magazines never lie, so the happiness must be coming. fingers crossed.

on a better note: i got mail. unexpected, joyful (handmade) mail containing a little bird that holds a heart with my name on it. a tangerine dum-dum. and one of the nicest notes anyone has ever written me.

i have a good life. and how can i possibly feel lonely when i look at this bitty bird?

anyway, life is going going going. i've had an odd day. pretty much thought i was dying. it's absolutely true that you can be in so much pain that you feel nauseous. i never believed it before. other than that, days are going by quickly, but january feels like it's dragging, i suppose that's because there is so much happening in february. my last day at bbw is january 29 (although i'll probably still be doing floorsets) and i start at apple on february 3. wow. i'm so excited. slightly nervous. sort of sad. but mostly excited. and, if i have time for a part time job, then i would really like to work at starbucks. really. i miss making coffee so very much.

also, i'm reading a book. the romantics. i blogged about the movie awhile back, but never saw it since it never opened in theatres here. note: this book is not on my twenty eleven to-do list, so that's off to a good start... ha. oy. baby steps!

and last, but not least, i filed my taxes. brooklyn, here i come! but at the end of april when it's warmer!

ok. that's all for now. xo.

ps. there are few things in life that make my day brighter than when i get a comment, message, email or text from somebody who has been reading my blog. i'm glad that you all seem to enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy typing it.


Charles Robinson said...

Let's make the time to catch up tomorrow. There will be pork tamales and jerk chicken and more spicy food than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and green chickpeas and homemade soy milk!

craigarcher said...

Rest assured that you are the architect of your life and most of your emotions. As the father of Faith I know that you are a person of depth, desire, and determination. Loneliness and the commensurate joy that goes with it is in balance because the universe always ebbs and flows. Mathematics shows us the way. Look at the Sine and Cosine wave.