Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF, to you.

I don't particularly care that it's Friday - makes no difference to me. My work week goes Saturday - Friday and my days off were Monday & Tuesday. So, last Sunday was my Friday. Today is Wednesday in Erinland. Sort of. I have Sunday and Friday off this week, so we'll revisit this topic next Friday when it applies to me. I hope you enjoy your weekend, though!

I'm supposed to be at the gym right now, but I have noticed on a lot of blogs that people will post their favorite links from the week on Friday. I want to do that, too. So I am. And it's more important to me than cardio right now. Here is the inaugural post for my "Top 5 Friday"... Get excited.

(Also, the number 5 is ambiguous - it could be more or it could be less, but today it's inaugural and it's five, hence the name.)

1. Fall is upon us! And I've decided there is no better way to celebrate Fall mornings that with Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal. That's right. I said Pumpkin Pie for breakfast. I quartered the recipe here for a single serving. I also substituted walnuts & brown sugar for pecans & maple syrup. (I hate pecans & I don't have any maple syrup.) Delish.

2. Here, in the world, in my life, a lot of us have been faced with unfortunate and/or difficult decisions/lessons. Sometimes the hardest thing & the right thing are the same. Well, that really sucks, but I found a bit of inspiration over here at Elise Blaha's text art project. I think it speaks volumes. Also, I love her Etsy Shop. I'll take a Goodness Book, please & thank you.

3. You know how people grow up? It's weird, right? Well, this guy (I wouldn't say we were friends - but we were in Yearbook together) I went to middle/high school with, Jeff, he grew up into a personal trainer and is actually quite motivating. He is in the middle of a cleanse and started a blog called Be Happy Live Fit. I recommend checking it out for some tips & tricks!

4. I don't know Andrea, but I know her blog Caffeinate Me and I l.o.v.e it. Really. The other day she posted her personal manifesto and it is spot on. Give it a read. Be a better person. Maybe write your own. Maybe just get addicted to her blog like I am. You choose.

5. And, finally, I have a new Netflix obsession. What? Felicity. Why? This blog post over at Champagne Bubbles spurred me into streaming action. I was on Team Noel for 3 or 4 episodes until I found out about Hannah. I mean, hello! And hey, this show premiered in 1998! They had curly fros, oversized sweaters, cassettes and pay phones still. I'm in for the long haul.

Also, I'm still listening to The Civil Wars. Please suggest something else to me.


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