Friday, September 30, 2011

It's for real TGIF for me. That's right. I have the day off. I guess that's not really what Friday is about for most people though. However, I am now aware that I will be out of the store for 5 days. Three are days off and two of them I'll be working offsite. Weird. But without further ado, here it is... Top 5 Friday! Take 2.

1. I very much enjoy being single and being in charge of my own life and making my own decisions, but sometimes I wish I already had my happily ever after - my someone to share responsibilities & coffee with. (There's an episode of Gilmore Girls about this, btw.) Anyway, so when I read this post by Meg Fee, I understood & appreciated it. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

2. Every so often I discover a new blog that I l.o.v.e. This week I fell in love at Une Deux Senses - a delightful little blog that has posts such as "Manicure Monday". Um, what's not to love? Food, Fashion, Music & Other Little Lovelies. Also, I stumbled upon an entry called Magic Coffee - I'm so in. It appears another Cali blog has stolen my heart. [Please note, I didn't enjoy the magic coffee. Not one bit. But I still enjoy this blog.]

3. Last week, I told you about Caffeinate Me. Well, that blog led to me to Just a Titch. I have to say, I really love Amy. I love how insightful she is about life. I love how dedicated she has become to her health. I love how she always asks the reader a question. I love how regularly she posts. Mostly I love how she posts the things I happen to be pondering in life or reminds me of the things I should be pondering. This particular post is about what she wants less/more of in her life. What do you want less and more of?

4. It's not even right how much I love the Joy the Baker Podcast. No seriously. I check my iTunes for updates almost daily (well, on Wed, Thurs and Fri) to see if Joy (the Baker) & Tracy (Shutterbean) have posted a new one. This is real life. It's ladies talking about road trips and food and boys and guilty pleasures and nail polish. They just hosted the awesome HomefriesU - Back to School. And, if I can break the bank when Spring Break rolls around, I'm all over. I can't wait.

5. The picture posted today is one of the best things I read this week. I love this quote. I love Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation. I just love Parks & Recreation. I love the Apartment 513 blog. I love it all.

6. I need a large piece of art. I was thinking about doing a lyrical canvas. I stumbled upon this idea/picture on Pinterest and fell head over heels with the idea. Now all I need is the patience, supplies and the right song. Decisions.

7. I'm completely convinced that the way you make friends in life is by baking. Duh. Nothing says, "I'm trustworthy and good to be around" like a nice batch of cookies - I'm partial to making sea salted chocolate chip cookies. However, I think the best way to win over even your worst enemies is Pumpkin Nutella Bread. I know, shut the front door! Let's all bake.

PS. Anyone swear by Juice Beauty? I'm jonesing to try this Organics to Clear Skin kit...

Oh alright, so I chose more than 5 links. It's my blog and I'll link excessively if I want to. So there.



joey said...

You make several good points :)

On that note, sun dried tomato parmesan bagels rock.

Alex said...

cookies cause me to emanate warmth from strange places. I had a platter of cookies from the cinnebarre today. upon commencement, i glanced up at the waitress with a glazed look and said thank you while i caught a tear descending down my cheek. she wasn't as thrilled as i was apparently, because she just asked me to hand over my credit card ): nice write, glad i took a peak