Sunday, April 10, 2011

my life is fine.
nothing is wrong.
not technically.

but, for some reason, i've been feeling "off" and i'm not sure why.

does anybody know what i mean?

i've been unusually frustrated by people recently. and i don't feel happy. i'm still outgoing and optimistic, but i'm not happy. i'm usually happy. i guess i'm not unhappy, but i'm definitely not happy. if you asked me i was doing well, i would say yes. if you asked me if i was happy, i would say no.

i read through some old blogs and i think i was happy in them. or at least ambitious. i think i need a goal. i'm happier when i'm working toward something. i dunno. perhaps i lack motivation.

“It’s true that while ambition creates fear, it also creates the story. But it’s a good trade, because as soon as you point toward a horizon, life no longer feels meaningless. And suddenly there is risk in your story and a question about whether you’ll make it. You have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” - Donald Miller

please note, this is no cause for concern. if you have any insight/suggestions, then i'd love to hear from you, but please don't worry about me. ok? ok! this is just my little venting area...



Charles Robinson said...

It's just part of the cycle. You made several gigantic life changes recently: living on your own, changing jobs, becoming an omnivore. You're living into that. It's going to be uncomfortable as you adjust. If it all fell into place easily it wouldn't be life. :-)

rainbow said...

this is also how I feel lately. But it's one of those things that comes in our lives once or many times in our lives...:)