Tuesday, April 05, 2011

i have a hard time drawing lines professionally and personally, i think. or maybe i don't and other people do. i'm not sure.

some of the people i work with are nice and i really enjoy them and would like to be fb friends with and hang out with outside of work. some of the other people i work with are negative and i probably wouldn't benefit from being friends with them outside of work.

so do i pick some and not the others? do i not befriend any of them and just keep the friends i have? or do i befriend them all and take the risks of having all of my personal life out there?

decisions. decisions. any insight?


Charles Robinson said...

I avoid this completely by not trying to be friends with people I currently work with. Your mileage may vary on that. :-)

A friend is different than an acquaintance. You also can be friendly with the people at work without them being friends. A business relationship does not immediately translate to a personal one. I find a lot of people (particularly in your age bracket) have a difficult time with that.

I say be friends with the people you want to be friends with. The others either won't notice or don't matter. If someone challenges you on it there is nothing wrong with saying you only Facebook friend people you are friends with outside work.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that you shouldn't be friends on Facebook with co-workers you've never spent time with outside the confines of your work walls. Just because you are paid to interact and be trapped with them for hours on end does not a friend make. Plus it's not unreasonable to require your facebook friends be your real life friends. You can also just not respond to the request for a while; most likely once they send you the invite they won't verbally interrogate you about it for a good while.

Another option is to set up a group inside your friend list for co-workers that have different privacy settings than the rest of your friends. That's what I did for my family, because there are just some things that should remain a little private from one's family. Anyway, can't wait to see you at the end of the month!!!! xoxoxoxoxo.