Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Over the past couple of weeks, I've developed myself in a lot of different ways. There have been new yoga poses and classes. There have been relationships that reached different levels. There has been a lot of professional growth and stretching. Its the ebb and flow of life, right? At any given point in a day, in a year, in a life, we can be found in different spots. Just like the tide.

I feel like the tide is coming in right now. I feel like my life is filling up with all of these things and I'm trying to make sure nothing gets washed away in the process.

Tonight, I was given the opportunity to put away the professional and stretch my personal life - stretch my culinary life. Tonight, I baked. Well, yeah, I do that all the time, but this time it was bread! Brioche, Wheat Sourdough, Rosemary Focaccia, Scones, French Demi Baguettes.  What the what? It was a class at Charleston Cooks that stretched my knowledge and skills in the kitchen. It was such a nice departure. I would go there every week if I thought I could fit it into my budget!

I highly recommend a visit to the store and a participation/demonstration class if you have the time while in Charleston.

Until next time! May you have sweet sweet dreams of carb overload while my body recovers from my bread binge!

This is Day 20 of 100 Days of Blogging.

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craigarcher said...

Oh, how wonderful. Let the tide roll.