Thursday, March 14, 2013

It appears I skipped Day 21 and headed straight to Day 22.

Sometimes you just have to move forward quickly. (However, I promise to try not to forget days again.)

Every night at 8pm, the alarm sounds and "blog!" appears across my iPhone screen, so it's normally not a problem. As a matter of fact, it even happened last night, but I found myself wrists deep in pie dough. I kept hitting snooze, but ended up with pie all over my phone and by the end of it all, well, I forgot. But you know that already.

So pie. I baked Apple Hand Pies by mixing this recipe from Joy the Baker with this recipe from A Cozy Kitchen. And then I vented them with pi symbols because today was Pi Day! 3.14. Get it? I like any reason to celebrate with baked goods, but being irrational is one of the best! (Bahaha. Irrational. Get it?) Oh geez.

Tonight, when the alarm went off, I was in the middle of a more hands-off oven activity - roasting brussels sprouts. (Which I am currently eating with a fried egg on top.) I LOVE brussels sprouts. They may very well be my favorite vegetable. I'm weird, I know. But if clean them, cut the bottoms off, and quarter them. Then drizzle with a little olive oil and garlic. Crack some pepper if you like. Then put them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. I flip them in the middle and sprinkle crunchy sea salt over them. Voila! Yummy roasted brussels sprouts and then throw an egg on top for protein.

Now, I want Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Don't mind if I do/Let me just undo all of the good from yoga tonight.

In other news, I'm devastated about the decline of Google Reader. If any of you use it, then you feel my pain.

That's all I have for the interwebs tonight, plus it's my bedtime. xo.

This is Day 22 of 100 Days of Blogging. (RIP Day 21)

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craigarcher said...

You know that perfection come in many forms. What you perceive as perfection is. I think that people that miss appointments once in awhile are perfect. Especially the ones who love brussle sprouts. I love them too.