Monday, March 04, 2013

I've been trying to be good about eating at home/eating what I have/not wasting food/having fresh & healthy foods. All of these combined make it so I have to frequently visit the grocery store frequently, plan my meals accordingly, and eat lots of weird odds & ends of fruits and vegetables at weird times so they don't waste.

Fruit is easy. I just throw that junk in a smoothie. Vegetables on the other hand.... Sometimes I add them to sauces or throw them on as toppings to soups or potatoes. Today, I realized I had a LOT of odds and ends. And some Italian dressing. And some lemon vinaigrette. And a box of whole wheat rotini. And a yearning for summer time and the food that accompanies it. Sounds like pasta salad to me.

I boiled up my pasta, threw in half a bag of frozen peas, a quarter bag of frozen corn, some cherry and roma tomatoes chopped up, purple onion, broccoli, sweet peppers, garlic salt and pepper, the two dressings, leftover three cheese Italian blend from Trader Joe's. Bam! Done. Meal is complete and the odds & ends have been rescued.

Now, it's getting nice and cold in the fridge.

The best part? It's pretty. I feel accomplished when I look at my meal and think it's got good color.

This is all just practice for my forthcoming CSA. You've got to be fluid and flexible when your food is coming from a farm and you have no idea what it is on a weekly basis.

Also, my friend made the MOST delicious homemade protein bars the other day. She gave me two and I wanted to gobble them both up at once but decided against it. I shared the second one, but plan on making my own soon. I'll report back.

Now I'm off to watch The Dark Knight Rises for the very first time. (I know. I know.)


This is Day 12 of 100 Days of Blogging.


craigarcher said...

Hello, my name is Craig Archer. I am the father of Faith Hislop the better half of David Hislop. Both live in Savannah now. Just wanted to introduce myself so that you wouldn't think I was a wierdo. Although I am a bit eccentric. I have posted in comments how creative, thoughtful, and intellectual you are and even once said I loved your ideas. I am not a stalker.

erin gail said...

Oh hello, Craig! I have always known who you are and I appreciate your kind and insightful comments on my posts. You did such a lovely job with your daughter that praise from you is highly regarded. I know you're not a stalker :)

craigarcher said...

Good to know. I was a bit worried that all my comments were going a bit astray. I am glad you accept my blogging as something you might read. Thank you.