Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blogging is hard work. Kudos to everyone who posts daily and/or makes their living via their blog. I missed another day of my 100 days. I'll be honest, I don't feel guilty, but I do feel like I'm learning a lot about real life blogging. (Not the kind that forgets to post for months at a time...)

So, what was I doing if I wasn't blogging? Oh, well, I was in Savannah. Nbd - just visiting my dear, sweet friends - David and Faith and their kids. And the oh so enlightening Courtney and Andy. I would venture to say yesterday was both fantastically comfortable, but also a big look into what the future my hold. There was a lot of coffee and food and conversation. (We went to Starbucks, the Farmer's Market, Starland Cafe, Foxy Loxy and Green Truck!) There were also conversations about marriage, children, gardens and home ownership. Oh my, how the time flies! I suppose conversation about such things are what make us adults, yes?

That brings up an interesting topic - adulthood. When does one go from young adult to regular adult? How does one present themselves as old when their body is still young? Where does wisdom and maturity come into play and how big are their roles? I was recently told, "You don't look your age. You're nearly thirty and I'm sure you still get carded." Is thirty old? I was also told, in spite of professionalism, "You still come off as young." But then I've also been told, "I just assumed you were my age because of the way you carry yourself." How does one leverage youth and age together?

Just wondering.

Today was much different from yesterday. There wasn't much venturing out of the house. As a matter of fact, the only time we left was to go to brunch at Black Magic Cafe. (Not even the deluge of rain could keep me away from that pumpkin chai.) There was no yoga or running. There was a lot of lying around and sniffling of allergy noses. There was Game of Thrones - four episodes to be exact. Season 2 is over and I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of Season 3 next week!

There was also much time spent in the kitchen today - baking protein bars and cooking dinner. Have you all had pierogies? They are fast become a staple in this house. And, in between, there were toasted coconut mocha frappuccinos. Oh, my favorite kitchen activity today? Lunch. Avocado toast sprinkled with sea salt. So simple and delicious.

I think sometimes it's good to just stay in the house. If it's flooding outside, then it makes the decision easier.

It's close to bed time since 7am is work time. I suppose I'll say goodbye now.

I hope your weekend was less allergy-filled than mine, but just as full of friendship and food.

This is Day 32 of 100 Days of Blogging.

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craigarcher said...

Dang it. I missed the visit to Dave and Faith. I miss them. Everything you do is perfect on your journey. Wisdom does not come with age it is something you can experience now, in everything you do, which is what I expect you are.