Tuesday, April 11, 2006

we'll make a bomb out of love

"Boys are rough. Dating is rough. College is rough. Life is just rough." - says Kt when provoked on discussing life.

This could be the very minute I'm aware I'm alive - All these places feel like home.

I like Mondays. I can sleep in if I want. And I get to clean my room. I'm listening to the almost summer mix from last year. It's the cd I listen to when I clean my room - it has good memories.

At work, someone told me I looked really good today. And that made me happy because I wasn't wearing any makeup at all and I've been feeling insecure about this no makeup decision. Not that I really need the affirmation, but it was nice.

Talking. Thinking. And it's nice to just be happy. Not to try to convince yourself that you're happy. Or try to make yourself happy. And outside of all the random stress I put into my life, I am happy. And I know that alot of my friends are happy, too. Even in their struggles, most of them know who they are and what they want and what impact they're making. And that's good.

Live a life less ordinary. Live a life extraordinary with me. Live a life less sedentary. Live a life evolutionary with me.

Anyway. That's just what I've been thinking. And now I'm thinking bed...

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Corinne said...

I can definitely identify with your last few paragraphs, thank you for sharing. You're awesome. Thanks for the love and happiness :).