Sunday, February 27, 2011

today ...

the weather was BEAUTIFUL.
bob day made alison & i DELICIOUS peppy vanilla bean frappy drinks.
munched on YUMMY sour starburst jelly beans.
listed to the ADDICTIVE first song on the new iron & wine album.
was my very FIRST quarterly meeting.
ROCKED the little miss sunshine dance scene with other new employees.
awarded my first peer award for being a breath of FRESH vanilla roasted air.
was good.

sometimes i'm really nervous to do or say the wrong thing with new people, but everybody is doing their best to make me feel welcome and comfortable. that doesn't mean there is no awkwardness. that doesn't mean there is no snarkiness. that does mean that we're all in this together. and that makes me glad. it also makes me a little more patient with myself. and that's REALLY good.

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