Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i adore this weather. really.
i'm so excited for spring/summer.
i can't wait. but i have to... wah.

in the meantime, i've decided to make a list of all the things that warm weather brings...

sunshine & happiness. duh. (seasonal affective disorder, anyone?)
the beach. (i rarely go but i like having the option open)
restaurants with patios.
eating & drinking on those patios.
sunglasses. (they're just cooler in the summer)
italian ice carts.
fro-yo. (it will taste even better than it already does.)
iced coffee. yum.
seasonal summer beer (i heart abita strawberry harvest)
jack's cosmic dogs (hotdogs are better when you're not freezing)
boats. all of them.
shrimp records mondays at pour house (they'll be out on the porch!)
the farmer's market.
fresh produce... tomatoes & berries! hooray!
bonnaroo (and a slew of other music festivals)
driving with the sunroof open
blaring (upbeat) music (all summer long, so on & so forth. i'll make a mix)
guacamole. (it's just better in the summer)
dining with friends! (benefits lowcountry aids services)
trip to nyc. (this doesn't normally happen, but it will this year!)
joe & kara's wedding. (ohmygoodness.littlebrother.married.)
pepperminty espresso vanilla bean starbucks goodness.

i'm sure there are more good reasons, but this is a good starting point.

and now we wait.


Anonymous said...

restaurants with patios!!!!!!!!! this weather makes me miss home like whoa.. and you. xoxo.


Charles Robinson said...

DWF is going to be epic for you this year since you'll be able to eat more of the food. :-)