Monday, February 14, 2011

i don't particularly care for valentine's day. it's a silly day and a lot of pressure for people - whether they're single, have a date, or are in a relationship. i don't think one's happiness on this particular holiday can be directly linked to any of those anyway.

exhibit a. once, my boyfriend at the time, forgot valentine's day after i had driven a quarter of the way across the country to visit him. he didn't call for over a week and i'm pretty sure he lied about it (by telling me my gift must have been lost in the mail).

exhibit b. once, when i was single, my friends threw me a big valentine's surprise by decorating my dorm and filling it with streamers, balloons and pink and red everything! we ate heart shaped things and chocolate all night long.

i rest my case.

however, i generally choose to be happy on valentine's day no matter my relationship status. there is so much love and cuteness that it's hard to ignore, even if it's not directed at me (or you). and maybe you've been hurt recently (i'm very sorry to hear that) and you have every right to despise today. march on and hate it. but, if you're okay and no one broke your heart in the last year, then keep calm and carry on. it will be an okay day. maybe even a good one.

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