Sunday, February 06, 2011


my boss was blasting three little birds and told me it was bob's birthday. there was also a photo of bob marley on the bottom of our schedule. he was spreading the love.

i learned that i will never be able to sit at a desk all day. never. i hated every inactive moment of it. the good news is that i taught myself a lot... like how to use iPhoto and iMovie to actually make something worth showing people. well, perhaps it's not worth showing people, but i made it and it has a bob dylan soundtrack.

i used wiki wiki to teach me about a lot of computer terms. i learned the difference between memory/RAM and a hard drive/storage space. whoa.

i discovered that i have an incredibly uneven complexion. effing photobooth. thanks for pointing that out.

i started watching pushing daisies. it's adorable. and netflix is a wonderful gift.

i think i'll make blueberry crisp this week.

and, finally, it's easy to make friends when you share your sour cherry cola gummies with them.

1 comment: said...

if you have an uneven complexion, then I am a warthog!