Tuesday, February 08, 2011

good news... i don't like breves, so i don't have to worry about that.

i worked on the sales floor (for the first time) yesterday. hooray! a man told me (and the guy i was shadowing) that we were his heroes. also, a guy told me i did a really good job helping him even though i was new. i rang two people up with the machines we carry in our pockets. and i took an ipad workshop! i learned all sorts of craziness. and i loved every moment. (that's good news.)

i'm practicing patience by ordering a book online that i want today. i'm saving almost half this way. wah. wah. yay! pros & cons. i should just buy an iPad because instant gratification is where it's at my friends. anyway, maybe i'll read a different book while i wait. something small because hopefully this book comes fast.

it's an object of beauty by steve martin. just in case you wondering.

speaking of wondering, i ask a lot of questions. it's not because i'm nosey. it's really just because i like people and i'm interested in knowing about them. i'm waiting until one day someone yells at me for it. i thought it might happen today at the gym. i think they realized i'm well meaning though.

more good news... i realized all my social networking has finally paid off... (although, it was kinda awkward to find out in real life that the stuff i put on the internet really gets heard. it's like if a tree falls in the forest... i hope my gym doesn't read my blog.)

me: so, do you actually train people in the gym?
nate: no. i don't. you're the only one.
me: and i don't pay you. why?
nate: because i like to help & you say nice things about me on twitter.
me: yes, yes i do.

he's a really excellent person and he's really qualified to do what he does. pivotal is super lucky to have him and, while i hope he never leaves, i think he could do big things. he also told me that if i came to the gym everyday, then he would tell me i was his hero everyday. that's motivation.

so, clearly, i was training again this morning. i like it because i have someone to keep me on track. i don't like it because i feel like i'm going to die. we're working on shaping because i don't want to be a body builder. i don't want anything about me to be big... well, not nothing, but i need to be proportional and my trainer told me i had a teeny teeny teeny tiny waist. ha. no one has ever told me that. he worked my legs out hardcore and then stretched me out which was nice. it made my muscles feel all loose.

i wish i could afford to have a trainer for real. one day, i'll win the lottery & get a full-time trainer. or maybe i'll marry a gym buff.

i went grocery shopping today and i bought a lot more than i intended. the check out lady told me it was ok because i bought healthy things. that made me feel better.

and, when i got home, i made a peanut butter/banana/spinach/coconut milk smoothie. it was delicious and i'm sure nutritious. and i actually discovered it on my new favorite blog the (never home)maker. love. love. love.

hm. i think most of this was good news.

alright, i'm off to be actually productive (and not just online productive because i do enjoy doing this and i do think it's productive) before i go hang out with patrick tonight. wish me luck! xo.

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