Thursday, December 30, 2010

a look back at twenty ten.

"Start doing the things that look like what you want to change into... A wish is an unfulfilled want. A Hope, hope is the fruit of desire and the action for change. A hope." - Paul Rienzo

i did a lot of those things.

i read harry potter. and a million miles in a thousand years.

i still don't wake up when my alarm goes off.

i can't run 5 miles but i did run my first 5k & i fell in love with the stair stepper.

i saw john mayer! (and dmb - twice! and sufjan stevens!)

i didn't start my LB SARP, but my IRA is going strong & i put those $$ into savings.

my cali roadtrip was an epic fail. i had my car fixed instead.

nola trip. check. it was a week long dirty south adventure.

weddings. i went to several. i didn't go to several. (see previous blog...)

i started going to a small group. and going to church when i can. and finding community. bit by bit.

and... i am a co-manager. i did it! and i'm better at it than i thought i would be. i'm not sure what's after that though. hm.

more than anything, i'm happy. i moved out and i'm on my own. i still have a good life and good family and good friends (old and new). and i hope that i encouraged them as much as they encouraged me.


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