Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i just spent three hours shopping for a dress. i went to tjmaxx, marshalls, jcpenney, express, charlotte russe, target, the loft, and belk. i bought two. i have two dress occasions, but only one requires a new dress. anyway, the point is that i shouldn't be allowed to have money. i just spend it. on dresses and shoes. and wine. i bought a bottle of my favorite red wine (wandering grape - malbec/merlot blend). and a box of my favorite rosemary & olive oil triscuits. and some protein bars for when i go to the gym. and neosporin, but that's logical, so it doesn't count.

one day, when i'm grown up and married, i would like my husband to take care of our finances. he can give me an allowance, i don't care. i need to be set on the straight and narrow.

so dear future husband, please make a lot of money or put me on a tight leash. xo. erin

also, christmas? oy humbug. those shoppers are crazy. i mailed my christmas cards and finished christmas shopping. it was a light year for me - perhaps not if i didn't buy dresses and shoes - but i just need to wrap my gifts for my family and i'm done. i shouldn't even have to be at a mall. it's miserable. long lines. cranky customers. get a grip. it's one day a year. and it's the thought that counts, not the dollars that you spend. matter of fact, it should be the time that you spend with your family and friends. go out to eat together. get a cup of coffee. hang out and watch a movie. i hate christmas shopping. i hate dress shopping. next year, everyone is getting quality time for christmas & i'll wear jeans. bah.

and one more thing... why is it so cold? i live in charleston, sc. i should be able to wear sandals all year long. where can i do that? i'm moving there asap.

alright. rant time over. it's time to drink my oj, wrap some gifts and go to bed! xo.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of Costa Rica for next year's winter season...

you are welcome to join.