Friday, December 31, 2010

a few things i did in twenty ten (that i hadn't planned on)...

... dyed my hair blonde.

... sold my coffee shop.

... had a short distance relationship with my neighbor.

... participated in water sports - water skiing & kayaking.

... jumped off the top of a dock.

... learned how to cut the grass.

... started eating meat again.

... started watching LOST & got addicted.

... got my own apartment where i live by myself.

... ate a 14 course meal by chef sean brock.

... drank a wine pairing for each of those 14 courses.

... saw sufjan stevens in asheville.

... drove a stick shift in the mountains.

... experienced snow in charleston... twice.

... got a dog named lollipop.

... celebrated 25 years of life by baking my own cake.

... stood beside one of my bfs at her wedding (although that was planned).

... had one of my bfs move away to Brooklyn.

... had another bf go live on an atoll with no electricity.

... met kt's future (and current) husband, tripp.

... had three "permanent" Bath & Body Works homes.

... lost two associates to unexpected death.

... ran the Turkey Day 5k.

... canceled my pretty, pink & sparkly Vickie's credit card.

... had my car vandalized with red spray paint.

... attended a gay pride party where a drag queen yelled at my friend.

... was kissed unexpectedly.

... used (and delighted in) paid time off.

... got health insurance after two years of living on the edge.

... attended an alumni party for Homecoming.

... watched USC win the College World Series, beat Clemson, go to the SEC Championship & (tonight) the Chickfila Bowl.

it was a good year with good people and good experiences.

and now i'm going out to celebrate it and anticipate the next 365 days!

be happy & safe tonight. xo.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C.S. Lewis

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Spudart said...

I really like your list. I'm gonna draft up my own too. Thanks for the inspiration!