Monday, December 27, 2010

things i love about charleston:

my family
my friends
the smell of the marsh
the water
the (general) lack of snow
fresh seafood
local restaurants with local ingredients
tomatoes in the summa time
shem creek
red orchid
flippy floppies (10 out of 12 months)
all the old stuff (aka. the history)
crosstowne christian church
sunsets when i drive over any bridge after work
it's getting a trader joe's
hyman's gives out free hush puppies on the sidewalk
live music is everywhere
all of the boats
water sports
summer. duh.
the farmer's market
sweet tea vodka
the amazing praline place on market street

there are a lot of other things, too. when i was younger, i hated it here, but now i can't imagine living anywhere else. isn't that crazy? of course, i'm relocatable and ready to go wherever, whenever.

i do know that wherever i live one day (my house) must have two things:

1. a laundry room with a nice washer & dryer and cabinets and a bar to hang clothes and a counter for folding. i'm serious.

and 2. a porch with ceiling fans and a swing. if the windows had shutters, that wouldn't hurt.

ok. end of blog today.

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Anonymous said...

things i love about new york:

my new friends, and hosting my old ones
the smell of the laundry mat down the street that radiates outward
the water (and how during the summer they set up fountains in the market advertising how good it is)
the snow
local restaurants with local ingredients
BAKED (i have one too)
fuzzy boots (3 out of 12 months)
all the old stuff (aka. the history) randomly dispersed through the new and the busy. (stops me every time)
sunsets when i walk over the Brooklyn bridge
it HAS a trader joe's (a lot of them, actually.)
the free juice handed out on the sidewalk (made by Simply.)
live music is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. especially on the subway platforms and stations. and often times in the summer it's free.
summer. duh. that's when the best free stuff arrives (Shakespeare in the Park; Outdoor movies; Central Park Music, etc.)
the farmer's market on the way to and from work.
sweet tea vodka (i know where to find this for you) but i prefer the local brew
stumptown coffee
thrift stores, vintage stores, buffalo exchange...
parks, parks everywhere.

come visit. please. xoxo