Wednesday, December 15, 2010

last night was girls night in with jen skoy! frozen pizza, beer, break & bake cookies & a chick flick - julie & julia.

have you seen that movie? so good. inspiring. even if you're not into cooking, the idea behind it is to find your passion. so many things to think about there, BUT it really did make me want to cook. (that and the article abt sean brock in charleston magazine.) so, i've been checking magazines, looking at cookbooks and reading real simple in hopes of extra inspiration, but now i want to hear from you!

what's your favorite thing to cook? what's your "go to" recipe? is it cost effective? is it simple? can the leftovers be used again? is it best when shared with friends? rally the troops & send me your recipes! invite me over & teach me how to cook (better)! be my inspiration!

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