Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in other news... today, i:
  • went to the gym with mj
  • took lollipop to the vet. i spent a chunk getting her special shampoo, skin allergy pills, ear wash & medication. i think she's happier.
  • got my toes did. they're a pretty shade of purple now.
  • rsvp'd to attend FABULAS w. my friends
  • made a grooming appointment for lollipop
  • had coffee with kt at hope & union
  • had mojitos & shrimp tacos at midtown happy hour
  • bought a green french press (i'm having buyer's remorse though - maybe i'll take it back) & a caramel macchiato (i forgot how delicious those are - oh my!)
  • befriended my neighbor, Patrick, who I think disliked me previously
  • did (began, really) my laundry
i think that's everything. all in all, it was a good day. i just wish that i could come home to my own place where it didn't matter if i got my laundry done on time or washed the peanut butter spoon i used to force feed lollipop her meds. one day.

and i want to make this recipe. asap.

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