Friday, May 21, 2010

I just found out I get bonus from Citadel Mall today. It's an $85 gift card - so exciting!

By this time next week my credit card will be paid off. How crazy is that? My mastercard will have a zero balance. My Vickie's card will have a zero balance. My Express card always has a zero balance. I am going to start paying extra on my car loan. Maybe joy is financial freedom.

Ok, so not JOY. But satisfaction. No one can find JOY through dollars. Trust me, I know... I shop in all the right places.

I'm almost done with A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I'm loving it. It reminds me of hope. Hope that everything happens for a reason and that everything, including pain, has meaning.

"Frankl's papers, written after surviving the camps, and even after losing his wife to the Nazis, indicated a philosophical conclusion that misery, though seemingly ridiculous, indicates life itself has the potential of meaning, and therefore pain itself must also have meaning." Interesting, huh?

He also talks about Job and how God basically says to Job (who has his family, wealthy & health taken from him) "I know what I am doing, and this whole thing isn't about you."

And "Job responds, even before his health and wealth are restored by saying, 'All of this is too wonderful for me.' Job found contentment and even joy, outside the context of comfort, health or stability. He understood the story was not about him, and he cared more about the story than he did about himself."

Crazy, right?

It's just so much easier to be upset. How do these people do it?

Anyway, I'm almost done with it. I think I learned from it. Maybe I'll read another Don Miller book. Or maybe I'll finish 'In Defense of Food' or 'Crazy Love' or re-read 'Eclipse' since the movie comes out next month.

I need shoes for Alison's wedding.

I need to finish my coffee. I've become addicted to peppermint mocha creamer - I'm not sure why. It doesn't really taste like mocha at all. But I also hate mochas. Except from Immac.

I need to go to work & get prepared for all my interviews - eek! And all my changes for tonight - oh boy! Then two sweet days off. Yess.

3 comments: said...

thank you. :) i hope you have a wonderful 2 days off.

Charles Robinson said...

Financial freedom is one of the cornerstones of good self-esteem. If you don't feel in control of your finances it's hard to feel in control of anything. I shopped in all the wrong places and learned that lesson. :-)

Kudos to you for getting yourself out of debt so early. Now keep it that way.

hanneke said...

i need shoes for alison's wedding too!

and you should finish in defense of food. it's good. and enlightening.