Friday, May 07, 2010

i love coffee. and clean hardwood floors.

i would like a plant that is quite hard to kill & doesn't need direct sunlight. when i have my own place i want lots of plants. yay photosynthesis!

sometimes i sleep sideways in my bed just because i can. what happens if you marry someone who also likes to sleep on your side of the bed? or they snore? or they have night terrors? then what?

i've been wondering recently what causes people to fall out of love with one another. is it time? circumstances? or is the other person really just more than you can handle? i really don't know. i've never fallen out of love with someone. i've never not loved someone who i loved at some point. even friendships that i've had to take a break from or have fallen by the wayside. i still love them.

God calls us to "love extravagantly".

love: to have a strong affection for

extravagantly: exceeding reasonable bounds

i wonder if it's more difficult to continue loving people or to let them go?

sometimes i think i don't tell people enough that i love them. or i appreciate them. or that they've touched my life. they're such big things to say. how do you say them? how do you show that? through a card? a cup of coffee? a text? an edible arrangement? a billboard doesn't even seem big enough.

You keep coming around to convince me that it's still far from over.

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Charles Robinson said...

If you marry someone who likes to sleep on your side of the bed you swap sides. :-) And if they snore you get earplugs, or they take steps to help reduce it. It's always about compromise.

I don't think people can fall out of love if they truly were in love to begin with. The nature of love does change over time, though. The things that you together as individuals morph into things that keep you together on the same general path in the same direction. It's wonderful to get to that place where you don't feel like you have to prove yourself, and that goes for life partners or friends. The love you share includes an implicit trust and silent validation.

To me the best way to tell someone you love them is to show them. Pay attention to what they say and respond with actions that reinforce what they said.