Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Things to do in June:

Start (& learn) new job! #iamconfident
Celebrate Nate's 27th birthday - it's tomorrow!
Drink 48 ounces of h2o erry'day - eventually I'll get to 64.
Read The Catcher in the Rye (since I was somehow never required).
Clean out the little closet (funny how it has the most stuff...)
Use my Pure Barre groupon + take a friend!
Try a new yoga studio - Holy Cow or Mission Yoga, perhaps?
Use Jawbone UP band - tell me what you love about yours, please!
Look into buying a bike.

For you to do?

Hold me accountable/join me!
(Write your own list if you want.)
Read this.
And this.
Leave me a comment/send a text/email.

Thanks for reading, friends. xo.

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