Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hey, Google Reader users!

It's our beloved Reader's last month in business. Womp. Womp.

Instead of waiting until the last minute (like I would have), Nate was kind enough to back up my subscriptions and find me a few substitutes to roll my reading into:

Feedly: Not just for your computer, but a way to integrate your blog roll seamlessly into your mobile devices. It's minimalist view is appealing to those who dig white space. I'm thinking I would like it more if I had an iPad. *hint hint*

The Old Reader: So, Google Reader isn't gone? It's just changed colors and name? Definitely missing the design appeal and mobile features - The Old Reader is old school and that's alright by me.

Flipboard: This is a mobile only option. Don't try flipping through these virtual pages on your computer. But if the iPad is your jam, then get crackin'. Although I have heard Zite is just like Flipboard, but minus a lot of the social media.

So, the choice is yours! Just figure it out before July 1 when we have to pour one out for Google Reader...

(Let me know if you have a favorite and I'll try it out, too. I'm not techy, I'm just bloggy. I need all the help I can get!)

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craigarcher said...

I like Feedly.