Sunday, October 30, 2011

Top 5 Friday. Part Deux.

[Is this cheating? Maybe. But this is my blog & I make the rules, so I say it's ok.]

I so enjoy learning about Olivia's travels through her blog Everyday Musings. I appreciate her honesty about life and the breathtaking photos she takes. And when I saw this post about Coffee & Canals nothing seemed more magical & perfect. 

We're all constantly trying to improve ourselves, yes? Well, here are 25 Ways to Be a Better Person... Today. (Practically) instant gratification. Let'd do it to it.

Sometimes blogs don't need words. Wit + Delight. A Visual Journal.

Note: This photo is the from Loemae's Instagram. It was taken from the top of the parking garage I park in for work everyday. The view from the top ain't so bad.

Alright. I'm really done this time.

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