Friday, October 07, 2011

Oh hey. TGIF. I mean Friday is almost over, but that's ok. I am currently eating a bowl of Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats and listening to this week's Joy the Baker podcast. The perfect end to a long day. Long week. Really. Since the last Top Five Friday, I have been involved in new hire training, had a visitor, worked extra hours, lost some good people from the world, cried at work, ate lunch in a park, etc, and so on and so forth.

I haven't baked. I haven't cooked. I haven't been to the gym much. I have had a lot of coffee and written a lot and read a lot. All for work. I haven't really been home too much. I'm not complaining. I just have a lot to do before I go out of town for FIVE DAYS! Ah!

But ANYWAY, I'm here for a reason. What reason? Top Five Friday! And.... go!

1. I love Feist. The Reminder was the anthem for Summer 2007. It always takes me back. I had no idea that Feist had a new album coming out, but thanks to this Black Eiffel blog post I am now in the know! And thanks to Spotify, I've been able to listen to the entire album! Hooray!

2. Every month, Sarah Von has a special post on her blog Yes & Yes. What is it? It's called The Network of Nice and it is so awesome. It's like take a penny, leave a penny, but with people. It's a nice little way to pay it forward. The concept is fantastic and it makes me feel better about the world.

3. Once in awhile, there is a person whose death rocks the world. On October 5 2011, it was Steve Jobs. At first, I couldn't believe it, but there it was on so that means it's truth. And, of all the five bazillion blogs I read, there were only a few people to mention it.  One blog post dedicated to him was from SRSLYLIZ and another was from The Goodie LifeI very much appreciated their kind words.

4. Do you like food? Do you like cocktails? Do you like photos? You need to check out Spoon Fork Bacon. End of story.

5. So, a weird fact about me. I enjoy "What's in your bag?" type series. Really. It helps satisfy this curiousity I have about people. Petite Elefant is on Week 66 of it's What's in your purse? series. And if that's not enough for you, then I really recommend the Persona Diptych series on Flickr. L.O.V.E.

6. And lastly, I just want to know... Coffee or Tea?

Alright. I have to go pack my lunch and read an outline and get to bed and make a list of things to do before I leave. All in thirty minutes. Heh. What's that funny little gadget necklace Hermoine had that term she was taking extra classes at Hogwarts? I want that. Yeah. I just went there.


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