Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Top 5 Friday is brought to you by Columbia, SC. Ok, so not by, but from. That's where I am.

I'm currently trying to do this while watching an episode of Felicity. It's proving almost impossible to do since we just got into the middle of Felicity and Ben - the relationshop I want to happen. Forget Noel. Team Ben! If he'd stop being so scared.

Anyway. Focus. It's Friday and I definitely have more than five. Here we go.

[Edit. Top 5 Friday is now Top 10 Saturday because I took a break to drive to Pigeon Forge, TN which is the Vegas of the South. I'm just saying.]

1. The picture in my post came from Curious Girl. I like it because it looks like fall... Thus it made my list this week.

2. I've been keeping up with Julian Bialowas for a while through his 365 pictures. Well, he reached 365 this week and here it is. I'll miss the beautiful photos and the inspiring quotes, but "a new journey will soon present itself."

3. I l.o.v.e granola. I l.o.v.e pumpkin. If I ever get the time & motivations, I'm pretty sure I'd l.o.v.e this Pumpkin Granola recipe I found on Free People. PS. Have you ever read the Free People blog? It's pretty fantastic. Full of recipes, quotes, music and fashion. Check it.

4. Love. Love. Love. Love. This is what Amy loves. What do you love?

5. About this... First, I enjoy From India. With Love. A lot. Also, I love food. I love Thanksgiving. I love cute boys who travel. I love videos about cute boys who travel and eat food. So, here have you it - all of that rolled into one.

6.  I think I'm out of shape. Or I'm out of healthy eating habits. So, I want to eat more veggies. I very much enjoy brussel sprouts. No lie. And this is a very yummy way to eat them. Hooray!

7. I found this blog post to be a wonderful reminder. Bind my wandering heart to thee. Also, Mumford & Sons are fantastic. Don't just listen to this - go get their album, too!

8. Shut.The.Front.Door. Go bake.

9. I read this post & said "that's me" a thousand times. I'm so happy I found Elise Blaha's blog and I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only person who is trying a new skincare routine and is not ready for their 1/2 marathon. And when I was in a relationship with someone who was away I wrote to him daily, so I'm not the only crazy. Planning Embracing. Celebrating. Drinking. Enjoying. Lamenting. AND I will also be returning to healthy eating after this mountain weekend. I've already had three cinnamon rolls.

10. Apple has done it again. Siri(ously). A voice activated personal assistant on your new iPhone 4S. Watch this video. It will change your life. That's just how we do.

I hope I didn't just blow your mind. It was just a good week in the blogosphere.


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