Sunday, October 02, 2011

So, as you all know, I recently moved into a new apartment. Also, as most of you know, I'm an awesome procrastinator, so it has taken me almost two months to finally get everything "unpacked". I still have some stuff I could sort through, but it's all organized.

Anyway... I found lots of journals, photos, knick knacks along the way... lots of memories. I read some of my entries and I was so moved that I cried at some of them. I was/am so blessed by the friends I made in college. They helped support me and guide my focus. That sense of community and faith seems unreal.

I know I'll never have that tight knit living arrangement with my friends again. But I want my sense of wonder back. How do I do that?

And to all of you this post refers to... just... Thank you. It's not enough, but I truly mean it.

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