Friday, October 29, 2010

things i need for my new home:

toaster oven
silverware divider
shelf paper
dishwasher detergent
shower curtain & liner
couch (i have a temp.)
tv stand
washer/dryer (haha. pls!) lies. i don't have hookups.
toilet paper
a wireless router (also an internet provider)
LOST on dvd
a travel mug (not so much for the apt as it's just for me)
tea kettle
hendrick's gin
wine (i like malbecs. or nice dry whites)
(if i get wine) wine rack
mich ultra (only 95 calories)
air mattress (for visitors i don't want to share my bed with)
cookie sheet (in case i feel betty crocker-ish)
kitchen aid (a girl can dream)
barista magazine (for my coffee table, duh)
ikea gift card (the apt will spend it wisely)
red orchid gift certificate (apts get hungry too)
target gift card (just because)
a bathroom trash can
mixing bowls

i need to pack.
i'm so not prepared for this.
but i do have electricity & renter's insurance.

i also pretty much have no seating. if you come visit, byoc (bring your own chair) and leave it. please & thank you.


Charles Robinson said...

So... whatcha doing this weekend? We can go shopping! :-)

Tupacs Love Child said...

Looks like a Wedding Registry.

Ill see what I can do!