Friday, October 15, 2010

so, i had a lovely nola day.

(after i shaved my finger with a razor. yeah, it was as painful as it sounds. eff.)

breakfast with craig at surrey's uptown. mailed a nola letter to hanneke. a jaunt to lakeside shopping center (on the way, an old lady gave me the finger for running a stop sign and i almost killed a retired marine on the causeway). lunch with tony at chill out (breakfast & asian fusion). thai iced tea. rue on oak street (where i found this gem of a van). then i got my hair did in the paddock living room (legally blonde). a turn about audubon park. whole foods deliciousness for dinner. cafe du monde with tori and laura - au lait! walk around jackson square.

i love new orleans. and i love traveling. and i'm super excited about fall trip. for real.

i also miss charleston. my friends. my dog. my bed. the marshy smell when i wake up.

funny, huh? i've never been one to get homesick. maybe it's because i've been listening to the new darius rucker cd. hmph.

i need some front porch rockin', some back road walkin', some sittin' 'round talkin' 'bout nothin'.

on the other hand, my skin is a billion times clearer since i started on my little paid time off adventure. no stress + sleep = happier skin. i shouldn't have to go on vacation to have clear skin. i'm just saying.

tomorrow, i might be hanging out with miss rockett whilst the paddocks work. anthropologie & starbucks? yes, please and thank you. now who wants to pay my credit card bill. any takers?

ps. this quote is on my desktop...

"But the great thing to remember is that, though our feelings come and go, His love for us does not." - CS Lewis

i love reading it when i see it.

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