Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ok, so now i'm at starbucks. i'm loading cds onto my computer bc my cd player in my car is a piece of shit. and i'm not apologizing for my foul language bc that's how i really feel about it. now, i have to update my ipod with the ipod cord i didn't bring with me, but luckily, apple has inundated the lives of all the people in the world around me and i know i'll be able to find one. heck, i could probably ask a stranger at a table and they would have one i could use. anyway, i digress. i'm reading this blog entry and it's hilarious, so i am going to share it with you.

searching for the yeti :: quotes
doesn't understand this whole over-specified coffee-drink thing. How many drinks did you have to buy before you found a combination that you liked? Why not make it at home if you're that afraid? I love my high-maintenance coffee-drink-ordering-friends, but if your order takes more than one breath to place, then you shouldn't be drinking coffee-based drinks in the first place. You're already too high-strung.

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