Wednesday, June 09, 2010

yesterday was lovely.

i did just about everything on my to-do list! woohoo!

first, target, of course. but then tonya and i went downtown to have coffee and visit the spoleto art. then we went to steven madden where i found gold shoes in my size that were 40% off for the wedding. salsa bar beckoned us for lunch. then there was sephora to be striped and buy new makeup. more coffee & mini vanilla bean scones. then Whole Foods because tonya had never been. so very fun. it was a complete charleston day.

then i came home to bathe lollipop. i cleaned the kitchen & the bathroom. i started laundry. and made iced zen tea concentrate so i don't spend my life savings at starbucks or barnes & noble. i ate the macaroni & cheese tonya sent me home with for dinner & maple vegetarian sausage. yum.

my life is good.

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