Monday, June 07, 2010

i should be at the gym. i'm getting there. i swear. just a little late today. hmph.

this week i close every night i work. lame. so i am going to focus on good things from my days instead of the lousy things.

my weekend was lovely, btw.

matt & cristy lee's wedding was beautiful. i wish i had taken pictures.

seeing old friends & making new ones was wonderful.

being in columbia was both happy & sad because i have both happy & sad memories there. it's hard to let go of it.

courtney was a lovely little hostess who filled me with caffeine & cheese fries (which i'm certain is the key to winning my heart).

i'm really enjoying iced green tea & dark chocolate covered apricots right now.

i got the new jack johnson. i don't like it as much as i wish i did. i am really enjoying the fall playlist i made last year.

this morning, i had homemade blueberry preserves in my greek yogurt. maryann sent them to me from hattiesburg. yum.

my room smells like sandalwood fig. i love it.

ok. that's all i have right now, i believe.

oh. i am thankful for to-do lists. the end. xoxo.

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