Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm finishing up my "weekend". I'm a Friday/Saturday off girl, so I'm enjoying my last day off for the
week. It's been pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Nate Date Day was yesterday! We spent the whole day together being tourists in our own town at the Firefly Distillery followed by lunch at one of our favorite places - Black Bean Company! We did yoga at Mission and vegged out to several episodes of Hell's Kitchen. It's nice to have a real day off with your love.

Today, I ran around downtown and Mt. P doing some grocery shopping, coffee drinking, etc. I always forget about The Vegetable Bin, but it's such a nice, quiet alternative to the Farmer's Market AND it's open all week. At home, I made a delicious batch of Shutterbean's Killer Granola and now I'm hanging out with Roxy Pants on the couch while my lovely Sangria Rewined candle burns on the table. Also, having a Granny Smith Cider. Don't judge. It's my day off.

It's almost time to do dishes, make dinner, watch football, etc. But for now, I'm just enjoying.

September is going to be busy.

I'm starting a personal bikram yoga challenge - three times per week so I can REALLY give it a chance and understand the benefits. Also, I'm starting a Yin Yoga Series for four weeks. AND Nate and I are starting the Alpha Program at Crosstowne.

Talk about a jam packed month! But if there is one thing I've learned, there's no better time than now. Let's just see if I get burnt out...

Until next time, think sweet, pumpkiny fall thoughts! xo.


craigarcher said...

Gotta love the business but I also love the relaxation. Balance.

craigarcher said...

I love the photo, especially the outhouse in the background with the crescent moon on it.