Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall is coming!

I can feel it in the air.
I can smell it in Bath & Body Works.
I can taste it at Starbucks.


But for now, I will get up and make pumpkin paleo pancakes for me + my love before yoga and pretend that we've  already settled into fall.

 The getting out of bed is the hard part. I really love lying here, reading what everyone is doing across the country in blogland, and feeling the cool breeze through my window.

Ok. 1.2.3. Go!

Listening to: Paramore: Ain't It Fun


Adventures aboard Moonshadow said...

Wow, look what you're doing! What a wonderful window to peek through!

craigarcher said...

Yes indeed my good friend. Good things come to those that do good, think good, and are good.

Nate said...

Get ready, Miss Gail! All day Fall day 2013: It will blow your leaves off!